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In 2017, I was working as a preschool teacher and nanny. One September morning, I came across an ad to work from home teaching ESL to students in China for Forbes' No.1 remote job, VIPKid. Today, I’m a Baltimore-based teacher and recruiter. I now represent Maryland as a top recruiter and take great pride in helping others succeed. In February of 2019, I was welcomed into ‘Club Blue’, the exclusive club for the top 50 referring teachers.

“For two years now, I have been remotely teaching ESL to students in China. I also recruit candidates internationally, and I help applicants through the application process, virtually."

Before getting to where I am now, I too went through the process of being hired. I quickly recognized a gap between the application process and becoming a successful teacher. Which brings me to today; I started a free, one-on-one, Virtual Coaching program to help potential applicants become successful teachers as well. My Virtual Coaching program is designed to eliminate overwhelming feelings, encourage applicants to continue the process, and motivate others along the way.

In the past year, I have helped people all over the world do the same. Recently, I mentored teachers in Thailand, Columbia, Belize, Egypt, Australia, the Netherlands, and all over the United States. Currently, I’m working closely with graduate students, stay-at-home-moms, travelers and essentially anyone wanting to supplement their income.

Back when I started in September of 2017, I had no idea how much this job would change my life. By June the following year, I was able to leave corporate America and supplement my income with VIPKid through teaching and recruiting.

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