Application Process

5 Steps:

The Process

My goal is to help you pass the Interview and Mock 1 demo on your first try.



When you apply, there will be 5 steps: The first step will be a questionnaire to make sure you meet the requirements. Use the following link to start the process with my referral code 055LDO. This will take less than 5 minutes. Using this link allows me track your application, communicate with corporate on your behalf, and send you resources/mentor you through the process. If you already signed up without using my code, you can enter it manually in the top right-hand corner of your portal where it says 'My Account'.



After your application is approved, you will be prompted to complete an interview demo lesson. There are three options you can choose from: Smart Demo Express, 5-min Live Demo or the 5-min Recorded Demo. The instructions will be organized and straight forward. After your interview demo, you will be prompted to complete your Mock Class with a veteran teacher. I offer free, 1:1 virtual coaching to help you prepare for the interview and mock classes. At the bare minimum, your name and a reward system should be visible behind you. For inspiration, click here


Mock Demo

After your interview, you will get to choose between certifying in either the lower class levels (2/3) or the upper class levels (4/5). You will have access to two different PowerPoints for review. On the day of your demo lesson, the Mock Class Mentor (MCM) will choose one of the PowerPoints for you to teach (consider this practice before the live classroom). It typically takes applicants 1-4 tries to pass. Note* It is advised to certify for the lower levels first and then add certifications after you sign your contract while you wait for bookings to come in.

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Contract Stage

During this stage, you will upload documents. Proof of a completed bachelors degree is required. You will also need a license and/or passport. Additionally, you will need to record a 15 second video, and write a blurb about yourself for parents to view. VIPKid will provide a free TESOL quiz before you're able to sign your contract. *It can take 3-5 days to approve your profile and gain access to your schedule to open your classes.


One-On-One Coaching

We will practice through screen-share using the Zoom app. Please download the app onto your computer if you don't already have it and check to make sure the sound works.

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You will receive my undivided attention throughout the process after joining Teaching From Home Support, Reviews, and 1:1 help.

One-On-One Training

How Coaching Works

We will run through two, 30-minute sessions on screenshare using zoom where you will be taught a demo lesson before then taking on the role and becoming the teacher. After teaching the demo lesson back to me, you will feel confident going into the interview where you will use what you learned to demonstrate your skills in either a recorded or live demo. This process also determines your hourly rate.

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